Upcoming Talks

Fall 2019

September 21, 2019

Umbichi Haji’s Last Wishes: Confronting the Limits of Legal Life Writing, Center for History and Economics, Harvard University

October 12, 2019

Legal Histories and Affective Geographies: Reimagining the Bay of Bengal, South Asia Center, University of Pennsylvania

November 8, 2019

Madras, Rangoon, Colombo: Life and Law in South Asia, Global Asia Colloquium, New York University

Spring 2020

March 2020

Of Proformas and Photographs: The Making of Minorities in South Asia (1940s – 1960s), Annual Meeting for the Association for Asian Studies, Boston MA

Past Talks (2018 - ‘19)

Intertwined Itineraries of Law: Madras, Rangoon and the Everyday Practice of International Law (Panel on “Burma, India, and Networks of Exchange across the Indian Ocean, c. 1910-50s”, Annual Meeting of the AAS-in-Asia, Bangkok, Thailand).

Umbichi Haji’s Last Wishes: Legal and Affective Geographies in 1940s British Malabar (Panel on Mobility, Memory and Materialities: Reimagining Inter-Asian Commercial Networks, Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies, Denver, CO.

All Together in One Place: Familial Attachments as Political Attachments in Post-WW II India and Sri Lanka, Annual Conference on South Asia, Madison, WI.

Madras 1942: The Lives and Times of the Law during World War II, Rethinking World War II in South Asia, Annual Conference on South Asia, Madison, WI.