Peer-Reviewed Pieces

2019 Madras, Rangoon and the Intertwined Itineraries of International Law, Law and History Review (forthcoming, February 2020)

2019 Rethinking a Legal Fragment (under review)

2016 ADM Jabalpur’s Antecedents: Political Emergencies, Civil Liberties and Arguments from Colonial Continuities in India, 31 (2) American University International Law Review (2016) [AUILR]

2013 ‘The Colonial Difference between Law and Fact: Notes on the Criminal Jury in India’, 50 (3) Indian Social and Economic History Review (2013) [Sage Publications]

2012 ‘We The People, Seamless Webs and Social Revolutions: Imagination and Expectation in the Constituent Assembly Debates of India’, 32(1) South Asia Research (2012) (reprinted in The Constituent Assembly Reader: Deliberations on Democracy (Udit Bhatia ed., Routledge Publishing, 2018) [Sage Publications]

2011 ‘Justice in her Infinite Variety’ (book review) Mithi Mukherjee, ‘India in the Shadows of Empire’ 8 Socio-Legal Review (2011)

2011 ‘Of Limited Suits and Limitless Legalities: Interpreting Legal Procedure in the Ayodhya Judgment’, 5 NUALS Law Journal (2011). [HeinOnline]

2011 ‘The Runaway Judgment: Law-as-Literature, Courtcraft and Constitutional Visions’, 3 Journal of Indian Law and Society (2011) [JILS]

Manuscripts under Preparation

I am currently at work on three article-length projects. The first, titled ‘Madras 1942: The Life and Times of the Law during World War II’ is to be submitted for publication in a leading South Asian Studies journal as part of a special issue on histories of World War II in South Asia. Drawing on a range of documentary and audio-visual sources, It will address the theme of entangled legal and political temporalities during war. The second, titled Law and the Political Imaginary in Mid-Twentieth Century India’, is slated for publication in an edited volume on democracy in India. It explores the history of the political left in southern India in the first years of Indian independence. The third is a long book review essay on historical approaches to displacement and dispossession using legal archives for a leading interdisciplinary legal studies journal. This will look at works published over the last one decade.

Other Writing

2019 “Transit”, Invisible Histories (an account of the forgotten Dhanushkodi-Talaimannar ferry crossing across the India - Sri Lanka maritime boundary) here

2018 For an account of archival adventures in writing connected legal histories, see my post on the The Archives of Economic Life (Centre for History and Economics ) blog here.

2018 For a recent interview on my research on statelessness in South Asia with the POLIS project’s Suchitra Vijayan, see here.


Kilakkarai Harbor (2017). Photo by Kalyani Ramnath.

Kilakkarai Harbor (2017). Photo by Kalyani Ramnath.